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Come along with me, Rachie, on all of my adventures. Get inside my crazy mind. Find out what irks me (a lot) and what I love (mainly food). My mind goes in all different directions every second of the day, so why limit myself to what I share, when I can share it all!

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Learn about me and I’ll learn about you. I’m not into one sided relationships so tell me about yourself, tell me how you think I’m weird, share your experiences. This is for you just as much as it is for me.

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Just some kid (yes, 23 is still a kid) trying to navigate through this world. Wow, I sound like I should have my own Disney+ (it’s 2020, people) show, which would actually be really cool.


My life can get hectic between two sassy bunnies, an angsty dog, this work thing, my need to fix the sex ed problem in the US, traveling, and my ever growing stack of TBR books on my nightstand.


Mostly Dead Things by Kristen Arnett

This book is a part of my book club and I’m so excited to read something that takes place in central Florida!

Unfortunately, this book is taking some time considering the first three times I tried to start it, I was interrupted, but that’s totally okay!

Still super excited to read and see what happens!

Check back soon to see my review once I finish this book!


Apparently Francesca’s has a sale almost everyday and my bank account hates it. Or loves it? The jury is still out on that question.

But every time I get another text about a sale I just go right back on and order more! This adorable dress was a recent purchase and I accidentally purchased two…so now my sister is reaping the benefits of my Francesca’s addiction, too.


Follow along with my crazy quarantine thoughts! Let me warn ya, they’re random and sporadic and I can’t control them!

I’m sure you’ve been feeling just as cooped up as I have and been using some alcohol to cope (oof that sounds bad) so drink with me and we can go crazy together!

About Me

Just sharing my weird life with the masses

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